the basis got changed – do we want to start from scratch again?

Alright, once you completed that script you got generated initially, you will not want to start that work again from scratch next time, they changed their web-site again a little. But you can still extract the relevant bits and pieces from the newly generated script, right? Comparing the newly generated script to the earlier version of it helps a lot.

I carried some pessimism during my early web scraping years. There were quite some changes occurring on the web-sites I scraped. But that changed. Frequent changes are no longer my experience. The situation with the ever-changing web-pages seriously stabilized. There are now years with certain web pages with no changes at all. Honest. And do you have any idea, why that is so? Because the banks don't want to spend money on unnecessary changes. It's as simple as that. They trust in long keys for SSL, and that's enough for them. And they are right.