what else?

Our generator software and the generated scripts deal well with Location:, with Referer: and other details, that the generator software finds in those log outputs, includes them into the HTTP retrieval calls, and uses as much as possible to build assertions, so our later processing will stop (when it has to stop) in a rather defined way, as we know it will stop once in a while, as some of the assumptions built into the script will not hold any longer. You want to know, that your script fails, as soon as possible, rather than later, don't you? That eases fixing problems a lot.

We used our technology in order to build quite differents sorts of Web Interface Scripts, amongst others scripts, that retrieve CSV files from investment bank web-sites like Merrill Lynch and J.P.Morgan, and also still some variants retrieving bank account statements.

If the data we are interested in is only available as HTML, CSV-ish data is rather simply derived from that. We also have expertise in that area – plus customizable software do that for us.